Dating cia agent

Your boss is caught in the act of "going at it" with a junior colleague, and it's perfectly acceptable.

That's the espionage division of the CIA, according to former clandestine operations officer Reuel Marc Gerecht, who wrote a piece for The New Republic.

Well I'm guessing that the vast majority of CIA agents are not in the field and are not handling super important top secret confidential information. “As a result of [his] different assignments I never had a good support network of people I could trust or rely on to help out.” And, she claimed, her spy-husband had little interest in household chores.“[He] never so much as washed or folded a load of laundry, swept or mopped one floor, or changed one dirty diaper.” The woman’s account is a rare window into the deep strains that the agency’s ethos of secrecy can exert on operatives’ marriages.It's a way of life and you don't get to just set it aside when you want.For this reason, it would be very difficult to have a relationship with said person. In a good way that is, but their job is to deceive, infiltrate, gather information at all costs, asses and make you believe whatever they need to make you believe.

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