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And while there’s certainly enough here to keep you entertained, there’s even more to discover if you step away from the shops, bars and museums right at the heart.Whether you want to wander along the river or take a taxi trip into the suburbs, you can discover scenic views, even more pubs and superb spots for dining.These events take place in the most upmarket venues in Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds, Chester and Wilmslow and are designed for single graduates and/or professionals.The dress code is smart and numbers are limited to ensure that you spend as much time as possible with each date.

It’s obviously perfect for watching some sporting action if you time your visit well, and also offers plenty of choice for drinking and dining, making it something of a hotspot for stags, hens and fun-loving hordes.

Leeds has a population of around 781,700 (2016) making it the third largest city in the United Kingdom.

Today, Leeds has the most diverse economy of all the UK's main employment centres and has seen the fastest rate of private-sector jobs growth of any UK city and has the highest ratio of public to private sector jobs of all the UK's Core Cities.

Historically in Yorkshire's West Riding, the history of Leeds can be traced to the 5th century, when the name referred to a wooded area of the Kingdom of Elmet.

The name has been applied to many administrative entities over the centuries.

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