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Teens high on pain killers after getting their wisdom teeth pulled out of their face will never fail to provide hilarious situations.

19-year-old Abby Jo Hamele had her wisdom teeth extracted recently.

WASHINGTON—Offering a stark and sobering assessment of the consequences of a military conflict with the nuclear-armed nation, the Central Intelligence Agency confirmed Wednesday that North Korea now possesses missile technology capable of reaching Sam Waterston’s house.More out of boredom and teenage rage rather than any specific targeting.”It was the thrill of the chase to see if he could get in to do it.”Mr Wickham said it was ‘more about voyeurism’ than sexual gratification.He said Treanor, of Exmouth, was ‘immature and bored’ and unhappy at the time he started doing this when he was a teenager.'"), but she knows of many girls who would have.Like the girl whose fully naked likeness landed in Rachel's inbox a few years back.

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